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  • Brand Reveal

    Brand Reveal

    One of the favorite part of my job is meeting different and unique people. Each of them has a different story to tell and I always get so inspired and excited to share their story through their brand. April & Peony is one of my lovely projects ever. Airy, nature-inspired, simple just like my client- Nicole is herself. We started with soft blue colors as an inspiration, but...
  • How to get clients through Instagram?

    How to get clients through Instagram?

    Let's talk real Instagram.👉 Every second article has same tips about cohesive feed, call to action bio etc🤷 . Buuut, social media for girlbosses is not only about beautiful pictures. Ok, here is the formula to transform followers into clients. Let's go!⠀Remember, three types of posts. Only three!⠀▴ sell▴ engage▴ educate  
  • PeachCreme. Brand Reveal.

    What is PeachCreme? Hey, there! Thank you for taking time and visiting the first blog post by PeachCreme. Our Instagram feed may be so confusing. If may feel like we do everything about graphic design. In this post we are pulling back the curtain to this peachy brand. So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and sit with us for a while. Premade...