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PeachCreme. Brand Reveal.

Posted on by Gulya J. 19 comments

What is PeachCreme?

logo design peachcreme

Hey, there! Thank you for taking time and visiting the first blog post by PeachCreme. Our Instagram feed may be so confusing. If may feel like we do everything about graphic design. In this post we are pulling back the curtain to this peachy brandSo grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and sit with us for a while.

Premade Branding Design

You surely have heard of the six-seven figure branding costs for well-known companies. And maybe you have a strong opinion that branding is unacceptably expensive. This reason becomes an obstacle for many small businesses. PeachCreme helps to make really cool branding design without hitting your wallet. We have a huge selection of premade branding packages, which can be customized with your brand details.

Botanical Logo Design

Fabulous Fonts

At PeachCreme, we create beautiful, stylish or just simply saying je ne sais quoi fonts. Sometimes scrolling Instagram we detect our fonts in action. That moment we perform our happy little dance. 

stylish font

Upscale Custom Branding

We love working on custom design. Each of our custom branding design follows a traditional design process of research, sketching and ideation, a presentation of preliminary mood boards and/or concepts, and several revision cycles until we arrive at the final design, and prepare final logo or print files.

custom logo design chic logo

Brandified Apparel

PeachCreme has a lovely collection of professional apparels available especially for chic business owners who want to show the true value of their company to customers. Whether you own a real estate agency or saloon, we have customized uniform shirts available with some catchy phrases about your company. These phrases are funny and sarcastic in a way that your customers will surely appreciate your creativity.

lash shirt

Stylish Instagram

Brands are now using their Instagram Stories strategically and coming up with unique creative ways to jazz up their custom Instagram Highlights covers. PeachCreme has just the thing you need. We have special Instagram business templates that you can post on your social media profile and make your company look more Pro!

instagram icons

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