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Hello my Dear Reader,

There is the Russian expression "shoemaker without boots." It sounds, perhaps, strange, but it often happens in life. Things that are available to us instantly, does not represent much value at first glance. PeachCreme developed more than 3000 logos in the last 2 years. And I did not manage to share my brand. "Why not?" I said today and started my blog. I present to your attention the brand firewall.

So what does our company do?

1. Affordable branding for small entrepreneurs.

 I'm sure many of you have heard of the six-seven figure branding costs for well-known companies. And maybe you have a strong opinion that branding is unacceptably expensive. This reason becomes an obstacle for many small businesses. PeachCreme helps to make really cool branding without hitting your wallet. We have a huge selection of premade branding packages, which can be customized with your brand details.

2. Wall Prints 

At PeachCreme we are passionate about interiors and home design. Our idea is simple: stylish wall art should be affordable to everyone.

3. Event Invitations.

If you stroll around the local shops, where sell invitations to different events, you probably will not find something that suits you. The trend changes so often, that people do not have time to update their stores. And popular calligraphers are very costly. At PeachCreme you can choose the design you like, we customize and print for you without third part. Our company owns printing machine.

So this was today's small introduction to our small studio.





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