Agatha Bergman // Signature Font
Introducing our new modern signature font "Agatha Bergman". We would say that "Agatha Bergman" is a result of our latest experiment since a few new things have been done: "Agatha Bergman" is a voguish sophisticated signature-style script with three different...
$23.00 $18.00
Chelsie Hilton // Luxe Signature Font
We're excited to present to you our new font, "Chelsie Hilton"! A great thing about this font is that it is both chic and legible at the same time. You can confidently use it on such machines as Cricut since...
$23.00 $16.00
Santorini Font
LUXURY SIGNATURE TYPOGRAPHY VOL.12 Say Χαίρετε to this island-inspired Signature font "Santorini". I had this project in my mind long time ago. As a graphic designer, who worked/works a lot on creating branding, we often are requested to design a logo in...
Harold Graham // Signature Font
"Harold Graham" font is a meticulously crafted piece of typography that embodies understated elegance and refinement. With its alternative uppercase letters and ending swash lowercase, this font offers a subtle yet impactful way to customize your text. Its versatility makes...
$23.00 $16.00
Feminist Casual Font
Hello everyone!From my childhood I as told that 8th of March (people from CIS will understand) is the day of women: day of femininity, beauty. We wore beautiful dresses, makeups, gave each others flowers... I grew up and understood that...
$23.00 $17.00
Bellmont Font
LUXURY FINE ART TYPOGRAPHY VOL.24Bellmont. Inspired by fashion. Bellmont combines stylish letter shapes with contemporary twist. It includes full set of elegant uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation. The font has smooth wet ink texture, so would be...
Blush Society Font
$23.00 $11.00
Blush Society Font
UPDATED 23.05.2018: The font size is fixed. Additional file with swashes. The main file "BlushSocietyScript" already includes swashes. You can access them via Glyphs panel. For those, whose software doesn't support Glyphs panel, please install both: "BlushSocietyScript.otf" and "BlushSocietySwashes-Script.otf" files.For...
$23.00 $11.00
Luxe Atelier // Modern Script Font
Hey guys! Meet our new font "Luxe Atelier" which is inspired by a bit quirky but still lovely handwriting. When we launched our font "Lolita" in 2019 many liked the way we replaced some uppercase letters with lowercase ones. The...
$23.00 $17.00
Adorn Story Script
If you have fallen in love with Script font from Adorn Story, this is a deal! Now you can purchase the script on its own, without paying additional for serif font. The script font has beginning uppercase, beginning and ending...
Faustine Modern Script Font
LUXURY FINE ART TYPOGRAPHY VOL.19  This font is devoted to my CreativeMarket friend-Faustine Lara. She was the only one to help and direct me in this wonderful marketplace. The Font Inspiration.  Often scrolling Pinterest we can come across to messy...
$23.00 $17.00
Lolita Casual Script
**CASUAL CALLIGRAPHY VOL.29**Lolita is a playful, yet chic, modern, casual font . It is perfect for branding, wedding invites and cards.Lolita includes full set of lovely uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation and lots of ligatures.Also it includes...
$23.00 $16.00
Modern Society // Stylish Font
Meet our brand new font “Modern Society“ - a classy font with a modern flair and a sleek ball pen flow. “Modern Society“ has adorable beginning and ending lowercase swashes to add a charming touch to any design. With all...
$23.00 $17.00
Scarlet Modern Script
MODERN CASUAL SCRIPT FONT VOL.36Scarlet is a new casual modern script font.It includes a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation and 134 ligatures. The font has a rough texture. It has beginning and ending lowercase...
$23.00 $16.00
the stylish babes. modern script
Here's our latest font release: the stylish babes! A messily whimsical script ready to brighten up your light-hearted projects. Inspired by texts written loosely by hand, this handwritten font is loaded with careless ligatures. There are 144 sloppy ligatures that will...
$23.00 $16.00
Blackstone Modern Calligraphy
Blackstone is a stylish modern calligraphy font with casual chic flair. It is perfect for branding, wedding invites and cards, and maybe for red wine label.Blackstone  includes full set of gorgeous uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, a large range of...
$23.00 $19.00
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