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Thank you so very much for stopping by my website! PeachCréme is a small creative studio and printing company, located in the jungle of Malaysia.We offer stunning and affordable branding packages for small businesses, printed event stationery and wall prints and posters.


 Hello there.

I’m Gulya. Graphic designer, living on island of Malaysia. Smitten on paper, good typography, interesting textures… My biggest never ending project is being mom two little ones who inspire me every day with their enthusiasm and curiosity for life. I take great pride in my designs and hope you find joy in my work.  I am also very lucky to work with a great team who is able to help me take my designs to the next level.




I'm Bella. I like people with sense of humor. Water is my favourite drink ever. I’m a cheap date. I hardly ever wear earrings. I just find them uncomfortable and I fiddle with them! The next destination on my must-visit list is Tokyo, Japan. I can’t wait till I can finally go! My first love was Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m almost certain he would have been yours, too.I love the scent after rain. Everything in my computer is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder. What else you should know about me? Maybe that I am great graphic designer with style.