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BRAND EXPLORATION                           01.

 After you’ve paid your  invoice, we will have one hour Skype Coffee Date, brainstorming the ideas that will help to develop a unique brand that truly reflects your business. We’ll send over the Branding Questionnaire, create Pinterest board to define the vision for your brand. 

feminine branding kit

BRAND CREATION                                  02.

The puzzle starts to come together, At this point, we’ll be presenting initial logo concepts  – then work on revision rounds until we have the perfect design. After choosing one logo, we start creating coordinating secondary logo, submark, patterns. If you choose the Premium Branding package, we will work on stationery design and finalize with branding board.

Custom Logo Design Brand Design


BRAND LAUNCH                                      03.

Once the Branding Design is approved, we then forward all the files in various formats for use in printing, web design and signage. We’ll also specify the logo font type and the specific colors codes for future reference. It’s time to deliver your message to the world!

logo design, branding


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