Petite Kisses// Easy access swashes font!

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Finally, we are launching a font, the swashes of which can easily be used on mobile.

"Petite Kisses" includes a full set of lovely uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and washes. It has:

  • beginning and ending heart swashes;
  • beginning and ending bow swashes;
  • beginning and ending long swashes;
  • beginning and ending blowball swashes;
  • connecting heart swash;
  • connecting moon/stars swash;
  • connecting eternity swash;
  • ending branch swash;


  • Petite Kisses OTF, TTF, WOFF
  • Petite Kisses No Swashes OTF 1st file includes all the swashes, and the 2nd provides all the ordinary symbols (for example, if you type & (ampersand), you will get ampersand.

With this amazing font you do not need to work on programs/softwares that support OpenType features which facilitates your job and saves your time. In order to get stunning swashes just type the following:

• beginning heart swash: type: ! (exclamation mark)

• ending heart swash: type: @ (at)

• branch: type: # (hash)

• beginning bow: type: $ (dollar sign)

• ending bow: type: % (percent)

• connecting stars: type: ^ (the caret)

• connecting heart: type: & (ampersand)

• connecting simple swash: type: - (hyphen)

• connecting eternity: type: * (asterisk)

• beginning swash: type: ( (opening round bracket)

• ending swash: type: ) (closing round bracket)

• beginning blowball: type: *** (opening angle bracket)*

• ending blowball: type: *** (closing angle bracket)*

This beautiful font is perfect for stunning logos, wedding designs, quotes, cards, display text and more.

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